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Blue Empress is an emergency management consulting firm. The mission is simple:

Prepare small and medium-sized organizations for crisis by leveraging communication and leadership throughout the five stages of an emergency (Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery).


No matter what emergency stage your organization is at, Blue Empress is here to help. Read on to learn how.

There are many critical elements to an organization thriving during crisis.

At Blue Empress the focus is on three:

Internal Communications
External Communications


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By utilizing a customized and hands-on approach that leverages these three focus areas, we will work together to ensure that your team thrives during whatever crisis you encounter.

Step 1

Organizational Q&A

During this step, you will be asked important questions about organizational goals and what brought you to Blue Empress. 

Step 2

Organizational Risk Assessment

Here is when Blue Empress identifies risks based off the Q&A and determines what may overshadow your organizational mission and goals during crisis.

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Step 3

Get to Work

Now it's time to take the Q&A and assessment and turn it into action items that drive your organization forward.

At Blue Empress we don't just think, we do.


Emergency Operations Planning

One of the most important elements of crisis management is planning. This includes identifying how your organization defines crisis, what triggers will be utilized to identify changes in your threat landscape, and standards on how your organization will respond to crisis internally and externally.


Interview Prep (Internal and External)

Do you ever leave a meeting with your team or an external stakeholder and feel that it could have gone better? If so, you are not alone. 


During high-stress and crisis situations, it is critically important that, as a leader, you remain calm and collected, and the best way to do that is by practicing and rehearsing what you will say. These can be one-on-one sessions for anyone within your organization.



Leadership training and education isn’t just for top-level leaders of an organization; every single person can benefit from discussion about their leadership styles and techniques. At some point your rank-and-file staff will be leaders in your organization, even if they aren’t at the moment.


These seminars would be in a group setting and would enable your team to work together to not only discuss their leadership styles but also participate in table top exercises on crisis scenarios you may face.


Staff Interviews

Sometimes team members have a lot to say about the organization but aren’t quite sure how to say it. By conducting staff interviews, Blue Empress would conduct one-to-one interviews with your team to understand what they view as some of their biggest challenges about their work as well as what they love.


Community Outreach Development

Having relationships within the local community is critical for crisis planning. Depending on the type of crisis you are facing, you may need to leverage relationships with community leaders to keep your business open. While Blue Empress does not provide legal services, the goal is to help you develop these relationships.


The primary goal at Blue Empress is to make sure that you are prepared for a crisis no matter what.

Since financial constraints can be one of the biggest drivers that impact an organization's ability to overcome crisis,
Blue Empress is committed to developing a plan that fits your needs and your pocketbook.

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