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Recovery - A Time for Change and Purpose

The Recovery stage of an emergency is essential to the growth and development of an organization. While we would ideally hope to never have been in the crisis that got us there, it is ultimately a time for reflection and commitment to change.

It is a critical moment where a leader can demonstrate their priorities and influence their organization to grow and aspire to better.

In fact, it is at this moment that an organization can demonstrate just how resilient they are, which is a key predictor to success.

Now some would argue that resilience means being able to withstand the storm with minimal damage, but another important element of it is how well are you able to pick yourself up after the chaos.

There are going to be scenarios where even the strongest buildings get knocked down, and how the community grows back from it is a key indicator of strength.

So, don’t let fear of crisis stop you from making the decisions that you need to make throughout all five stages of an emergency (prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery) - No matter the stage, it is never too late to make a change.

It’s just a matter of will you.

Mary A. Pantle

President and Founder

Blue Empress LLC

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