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Testing and Training, All In One

Last time you heard from me, we were going over what you could do during the mitigation stage of an emergency.

If you don’t remember, during the mitigation stage, organizations can complete tasks such as setting up alarms for various crisis situations. While those alarms could be for a fire or a hacked account, implementing those alarms are essential for organizational resilience.

Now that you have installed the alarms, how do the people in your organization really know what to do when they go off? Here is the preparedness stage.

While we have already discussed the importance of planning, preparedness is actually testing and training under the scenarios.

These tests have many benefits, one of the most beneficial is that by testing with practice scenarios you and your team can identify holes in your planning that perhaps you just weren’t expecting.

You can then fill in those holes and make the fabric of your organization a little less lace and a little more denim - strong, resilient, and bold.

What are those holes? Well, do a test and find out. Need help brainstorming what that would look like? Contact mary@blue-empress-consulting for an initial consultation.

Happy testing!

Mary A. Pantle

President and Founder

Blue Empress LLC

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