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Community Outreach Development

Having relationships with the community is essential for effective emergency management. Whether your organization has fallen victim to an external threat or is the cause (it happens!), having relationships with the community may provide leverage when navigating the waters of an incident.

Especially if you are working with hazardous materials or chemicals, or are near a facility that does, knowing who to call and when (even if they are an external stakeholder) can help you:

  • Evacuate the facility and area effectively

  • Preserve relationships with clients and the community

  • Reduce liability

While there is never a guarantee that accidents won't happen, having relationships with critical partners plays a major role in emergency management. Since businesses are equally part of the community as any other individual or organization, being tuned in with what is happening across levels of the community can help you be aware of possible challenges that you need to know but aren't aware of.

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