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Tabletop Exercises and Stress Tests

Leadership training and education isn’t just for top-level leaders of an organization; every single person can benefit from practicing and leveraging their skills under stress.


Because, under controlled environments, stress can actually be beneficial to the growth and development of your business.

By utilizing tabletop methodology, Blue Empress will work with your team to work through potentially challenging scenarios that you may encounter through your work. These may be as complex as figuring out how your team would respond if there were a major disaster or as simple as what to do if someone is out sick.

While these exercises may come off as relatively simple, the benefits of tabletop exercises and stress tests include:

  • Learning about inconsistencies in operational mindsets and resolving potential conflicts during testing and not during a live moment.

  • Testing your systems in safe environments that don't impact your regular operations.

  • Helping your team develop agile mindsets that can be utilized quickly in live crisis situations.

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