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Team Reviews and Surveys

The people who work with you on a daily basis are going to the be the best people to help you solve whatever crisis situation you may encounter, and the goal of Blue Empress is to help you leverage these relationships - not replace them.

Since your team is critical to the development and implementation of your safety plans, Blue Empress will be working with your team to discuss potential challenges that they may be encountering but aren't quite sure how to resolve.

Why does Blue Empress not just work with top-level leadership to help resolve problems?

Because in order to ensure that your team is fully prepared, every single team member needs to be an active participant. If people are left out of the process, you may lose critical information that you need to maintain operations throughout all stages of a crisis.





Reviews from staff can sometimes contain information that may impact a person’s job. To respect the confidentiality of your team and get honest feedback, personal identifiable information (PII) will be removed from any survey results.

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