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A Letter From The Founder


Welcome to Blue Empress! I am excited to welcome you to my work, and I hope that you join me in my effort to help our businesses and communities become resilient to crisis.

My passion for emergency management is deep as there have been many times in my life that I wished that someone would have been there to support me during the most challenging times. That's why my approach and methodology falls on asking critical questions that help identify known and unknown risks that could create barriers to continuity of service.

Crisis is preventable, but, to do so, organizations need to identify what some of their biggest weaknesses are and what can be done to build strength in those areas. Much of the heavy load    

of this falls critically on the hands of leadership and how we communicate. 


When there is a lack of alignment across an organization, communication and management style are two very common failure points. How you communicate is directly tied to how you influence buy in to make change or stay the course, and if the drivers of decisions are dictated by ego and superficial data (vs. strategy and intelligence) then you up the riskiness of your decisions. This may not only have major impacts on your bottom line but also may end up in loss of life, infrastructure damage, legal consequences, and more.​


And that is ultimately where my passion comes from - to help business owners identify their risks and help them come up with a plan to prevent the crisis from happening. And if it does, identify what needs to be done to mitigate the impacts to ensure a successful recovery as quickly as possible.


​I look forward to connecting with you!

​Mary A. Pantle

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