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Safety and (Cyber) Security

Project summary

Regardless of whether someone is being attacked or harmed in person or online, community leadership has a responsibility to ensure that they are working together to reduce risks that put individuals in jeopardy. That is why Blue Empress does not view physical safety and cyber security as separate topics. In fact, it is generally the mindset that the internet, just like a gun or knife, is simply the tool that an individual may utilize to harm or exploit another.

Similar to the challenges that were previously identified in the Human Services section, it is generally the Blue Empress belief that safety and security failures are a result of other failures across the public and private sectors. For example, if leadership of an organization are in conflict about an issue, they may be unable to see that their employees are driving above speed limit without their seatbelts on, putting them and others at risk.

While "random" accidents may appear random, there may be signs and indicators that a crisis is about to occur that folks simply are not tuned into due to lack of training, thinking "it won't be here", and other thinking patterns that jeopardize safety. While this is not intended to discount true accidents, which can occur, community members actually have a significant opportunity to reduce excessive risk by simply speaking up on saying there may be a problem.

Project status

This project is still in the beginning stages of development. 


Realistically, if you live in a community, you play a role in ensuring its safety. Especially since many governments are strapped for resources when it comes to funding public safety positions, empowering individuals to speak up when they identify a problem may help save lives. Primary goals include:

  • Reducing overall safety violations against individuals and businesses by developing a robust public safety infrastructure that is timely and responsive to likely and active threats.

  • Unifying community leaders to identify solutions that are Constitutional and do not compromise personal privacy and protections.

  • Reducing recidivism on safety violations and helping people find solutions to their challenges without compromising their own or the safety of others.

  • Helping public safety officials identify trends in case loads and determining commonalities and other improvements that may be getting missed.

  • Ensuring that businesses have the support and resources that they need to identify safety concerns and act quickly, without compromising quality of services.

Expected Roadblocks

Community safety is the responsibility of every single community member, and it can be challenging to help people come together on solutions, especially in the U.S. when rules and policies around safety are immensely charged by partisan politics and elections. Some of the top roadblocks expected include:

  • Making sure that any type of changes to policy and procedure are Constitutional and do not further put the safety or privacy of consumers/employees in jeopardy, i.e., if the solution requires government tracking of individuals en masse then Blue Empress would not view that as a long-term and sustainable solution.

  • Ensuring that businesses understand that they have a direct responsibility in the community safety. If they have employees who are demonstrating signs and symptoms of potential violence then the business should have community support to work with that individual before a conflict escalates into something more serious.

  • An unwillingness from individuals and entities in helping to reduce safety concerns and violations. Especially when it comes to government services, many individuals are skeptical (for good reason) and getting community buy in may prove challenging for government leaders, especially if they continue to turn to partisanship to solve these challenges.

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