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One of the biggest priorities at Blue Empress is making sure that you and your business are prepared and ready for the various challenges that you may encounter. Since that is the case, all packages will be individually priced based on needs of the customer.


To remain transparent as possible, below are some considerations that you can count on with your service from Blue Empress:

  • FREE Risk Assessment and Action Plan

    • This assessment may take between 1-2 hours. If your organization requires more time or if it becomes unduly burdensome, you will be charged at 50% of the hourly rate.

  • Affordable Packages

    • Regardless of what service you need, Blue Empress can design a package that fits in line with your budget. Final packages will be based on time spent, resources utilized, and estimated level of detail of the package. All costs will be approved up front by the customer prior to work being performed.

  • Flexible Payment Plans

    • Disasters prevent almost 25% of businesses from reopening their doors due to financial limitations. Knowing this, Blue Empress puts the mission first and is committed to offering payment plans if needed.

  • Special priority and discounts may apply for*:

    • ​Rural-owned businesses

      • Based in a community of < 5,000 people OR

      • Based > 10 miles from an urban center

    • Micro businesses

      • Fewer than 10 people​

    • Veteran or 1st/2nd responder-owned businesses

    • Woman-owned businesses

    • Owners with felony records**

    • Disabled-owned businesses

    • Youth-owned

      • Younger than 25













*Certain exclusions and limitations may apply.

** Blue Empress LLC reserves the right to refuse service and will cancel any existing contracts that may jeopardize Blue Empress or its partners in any way, including but not limited to legally, financially, operationally, reputationally or any other manner.


Blue Empress may modify fees at any time (barring all existing contracts).


Upcharges and additional fees may exist for:

  • Large businesses (250 people or more)

  • Live-action crisis response (i.e., < 72 hours required for response)

  • Rude, insulting, manipulative, and/or demeaning behavior towards Blue Empress staff and/or partners

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