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Strategy and Methodology

There are various stages throughout a crisis – prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. These various stages help individuals and organizations determine what action items may be the most appropriate steps to take to either prevent, respond to, or recover from a crisis.



Regardless of the status of the emergency, one of the most important elements of effective emergency management is to ensure that the entire community is involved in the effort. For an organization, this may include tasks such as:


  • Including all team members in exercises and drills, regardless of rank.

  • Developing relationships with external community members and including them in exercises and drills (this is especially critical for incidents that may result in community harm, such as chemical spills, explosions, etc.).

  • Informing internal and external partners of an incident when applicable.

  • Developing procedures with stakeholders to identify risks and develop action plans to reduce risks when able.

To help your organization meet its goals, Blue Empress will rely on established industry standards and procedure to identify areas that may need improvement. Research will also be leveraged to identify potential upcoming risks and to provide solutions to challenges that may be unique to your business.

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